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Making Boston a QSP Hub

Boston has it all. It already is a pharma/biotech hub. Hundreds of big pharma/biotechs to startups are concentrated here. World's best academic institutions supplying the smartest talent pool, top researchers and research hospitals and institutions, and, most importantly, people with genuine commitment to improving human health. Stars are aligned perfectly to make Boston the center of the QSP universe. Boston QSP is committed to building an accessible and affordable community that will become an important part of this universe providing a platform to foster sharing of experiences and ideas in the area of quantitative and systems approach to pharmacology and drug development.

The organizers together with a great support from the community have put together an exciting lineup of speakers for Boston QSP's first installment of its events in a talk format that will be held on Monday, September 26 2016 at 5:45 pm in Kendall Sq., Cambridge MA. The first of the talks will be presented by Chandni Valiathan about the translational model used to determine the dose for Keytruda, an immuno-oncology drug by Merck. The second talk will be about organ on a chip presented by Christian Maass. The event is free to attend. But the seats are limited. Please RSVP and check out the details at this link here.

Please help us make this event a success by becoming a part of it.

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