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Boston QSP January 2020 Event Announcement

Boston QSP is excited to announce our January event in the Modeling & Simulation in Drug Development series. This event will feature a talk by Dr. Nag Chemuturi, Senior Investigator-I, Ophthalmology TA at Novartis. The talk is titled "Role of Modeling and Simulation in Viral Gene Therapies: Possibility, Feasibility and Applicability" and will be followed by a mixer and reception where you can enjoy great company and conversation with fellow community members over chilled craft beers and delicious pizza from a local small business.

The venue is sponsored by CIC. The event sponsor is Amgen.


5:00-5:30 PM: Registration (outside Havana Room)

5:30-6:20 PM: Presentation and Q&A. Presentation title: “Role of Modeling and Simulation in Viral Gene Therapies: Possibility, Feasibility and Applicability” (Havana Room)

6:20-7:30 PM: Mixer & Reception (Venture Café, a few steps down the hallway from the

Havana room)

Venue: Cambridge Innovation Center, 1 Broadway, Cambridge.

RSVP here Limited seats. * Please do not hesitate to RSVP on the waiting list if the RSVP is full as some guests "un-RSVP" as the event gets closer.

Speaker Detail:

Nagendra Chemuturi received his Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy, with Distinction, from Kakatiya University in India. He then worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative before pursuing his Ph.D. at the University of Iowa. He was awarded the AAPS Graduate Symposium Award in 2005 for his dissertation work on the role of nasal drug transporters and metabolism in preferential nose-to-brain uptake of dopamine into the brain. He started his career in the US at Vertex Pharmaceuticals in MA in 2005. Since then, he has worked at Alcon-Novartis and Seattle Genetics and is currently with Novartis Institutes of BioMedical Research. His experience lies in the fields of oncology and ophthalmology having served as DMPK lead on several small and large molecule projects. He is currently working on viral gene therapies. He has given podium presentations at several scientific conferences, is active in IQ consortium, co-leading the MABEL working group, and has co-authored several articles and book chapters.


The current talk will provide an introduction to viral gene therapies and discuss the role of DMPK and clincial pharmacology as it applies to viral gene therapies. The talk will also present the thoughts of the speaker on the role of modeling and simulation and how they can contribute to this nascent field.

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About Boston QSP

Boston QSP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to foster the sharing of QSP knowledge, challenges, solutions, and opportunities to advance the field​ as an interdisciplinary community in Boston.

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