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Building a community outside of our labs/offices

The group started out as an informal gathering of like minded people to meet up outside of the labs and offices. It is really easy to disappear in our own world inside our departments or cubicles or lab spaces. Such gatherings offer us a chance to realign with the world and science that is rapidly changing around us. This idea caught on. We started having monthly Meetups at local restaurants/bars in Cambridge area which served very well for sharing of ideas and for networking. The Meetup group has been meeting every months since Jun 2015.

Now the Meetup has grown to a bigger community, thanks to the overwhelming support from the members. To cater better to the community we have changed the format and frequency of the events. The meetups will be held every other month with talks by research leaders in industry and academia relevant to the group and pre- and post-talk networking opportunities.

The first of our event in the new format is happening on Monday, September 26, 2016. For RSVP please click here. It is shaping up to be a full house event with the speakers giving talk on translational model based dose selection in immuno-oncology (Keytruda) and organ on a chip.

We look forward to seeing you at the many exciting Boston QSP events in the future.

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