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Boston QSP Announces May Event featuring Innovation in Oncology Modeling

This May, Boston QSP is connecting the community with groundbreaking models at the precipice of scientific innovation at our event QSP in Oncology.

On May 8, 2017, Dr. Frank Gibbons of AstraZeneca and Dr. Dean Bottino of Takeda will present on their innovative research related to novel approaches to modeling cancer and how they each approach this task in new, inventive ways.

Registration is now open for the event with event participation capped at 100 people. Food from a local business and selected craft beers, courtesy of Takeda Pharmaceuticals Company, will be provided during reception. Registration is free but RSVP is required. Please RSVP here.

Get to know the speakers

Frank Gibbons, PhD, Principal Scientist, Oncology DMPK, AstraZeneca

Dr. Frank Gibbons earned his PhD in physics from Northeastern University for work modeling the dynamics of complex systems. After some years developing simulation tools for chip design in Silicon Valley, he joined a genomics lab at Harvard Medical School as staff scientist, where he published novel algorithms with applications in genomics and proteomics. Moving to Merrimack Pharmaceuticals (Cambridge, MA) he led a small translational science group and developed statistical and kinetic systems-biology models of cancer. He joined AstraZeneca (Waltham MA) in 2011, where he is currently Principal Scientist in the Oncology DMPK group, supporting several oncology programs as a pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) modeling representative. He enjoys working closely with colleagues across disciplines to develop quantitative understanding that helps projects make the right decisions.

Dean Bottino, PhD, Clinical Translational Modeling & Simulation Leader, Takeda

Dr. Dean Bottino received his PhD in Applied Mathematics from Tulane University in 1996. His academic work at Tulane, and subsequently at University of Utah and UC Berkeley, consisted of spatiotemporal simulations of eukaryotic cell motility and chemotaxis. Dr. Bottino then moved into industry, joining Physiome Sciences in 2001, co-founding the BioAnalytics Group LLC in 2003, then moving on to Novartis in 2005, Roche in 2011 and Millennium (Takeda) in 2013. He has specialized in preclinical and clinical modeling and simulation in oncology since 2005.


Date: Monday May 8, 2017

Where: Cambridge Innovation Center, 5th floor, 1 Broadway, Cambridge

5:00-5:40 p.m. - "It’s not rocket science! Or is it? Recent Advances in Translational Oncology Modeling," @Havana room: Dean Bottino, PhD

5:40 p.m. - 6:20 p.m. - "Evolving models to systems level: case studies from preclinical oncology," @Havana room: Frank Gibbons, PhD

6:20 p.m. -7:30 p.m. -Reception @ Venture Cafe

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