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Announcing March Boston QSP event!

Please join us on March 22nd for yet another evening of sharing, learning, and socializing with fellow Boston QSP members. Hear from our speakers at the Havana room first, then enjoy great ambience and conversation at Venture Café over craft beers from local breweries and food from a small business. Food and drinks courtesy of Pfizer.
(Photo: January event)

Jaeyeon Kim, PhD, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals.
Dr. Kim is currently leading the clinical pharmacology and quantitative systems pharmacology for early clinical as an Associate Director, Discovery at Merrimack. His research focuses on solving complex biological problems with systems biology/pharmacology approach in order to better understand drug action and translate preclinical observations to the optimal design of clinical trials. His presentation title is:
“Application of Systems Pharmacology Principles to the Development of Liposomal Anti-Cancer Therapies.”
The talk will showcase the use of quantitative systems biology/pharmacology principles for the development of liposomal anti-cancer therapies by identifying key pharmacological determinants for drug action and prioritizing the potential biomarkers. Modeling of liposomal anti-cancer therapies led to key insights surrounding the importance of tumor deposition on overall drug delivery. It also led to the concept of an imaging diagnostic that has been advanced to clinical evaluation. Model based analysis of patient tumor kinetic data further contributed to a detailed understanding of drug delivery in human tumors.
Jangir Selimkhanov, PhD, Pfizer, Inc.
Dr. Selimkhanov is currently a postdoctoral fellow in QSP Lab, CVMET RU at Pfizer. His research is focused on developing tools based on mechanistic models of energy metabolism to expand CVMET RU’s systems pharmacology portfolio to guide future research. His presentation title is:
“Model of energy balance predicts body weight and food intake in obesity/diabetes clinical trials.”
The presentation will focus on development and evaluation of a mathematical model of food intake and body weight for improved anti-obesity drug development through predictions of long-term body weight loss and the underlying changes in food intake due to drug treatment. The method presented provides an attractive approach to identifying a set of existing therapies that have the greatest potential for combination and to estimating their body weight (BW) and food intake (FI) effect sizes in the future. Additionally, the mechanistic model of FI and BW allows for prediction of long-term BW and FI dynamics based on the observed/predicted initial BW loss.
Event Schedule:
  • Venue: Cambridge Innovation Center, 1 Broadway, Cambridge (5th floor).

  • 5:00-5:40PM - Jangir Selimkhanov, PhD, Pfizer, Inc., followed by Q&A (Havana Room)

  • 5:40PM - 6:20PM - Jaeyeon Kim, PhD, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, followed by Q&A (Havana Room)

  • 6:20 pm-7:30 pm -Reception @ Venture Cafe (a few steps down the hallway from Havana Room). We will be serving some local craft beer and food from a local business.

RSVP here.
**RSVP capped off at 100.


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